Nessl Logo & Branding

Logo & Branding

Nessl partnered with Brainchild Studios as a brand new company in the fall of 2020. For the previous four years, Nessl was working on creating a proprietary new baby carrier to relieve the pain of mothers during and throughout postpartum pregnancy led by physician-backed first-hand experience and research. In an effort to create a unique brand identity for their product, Nessl tasked our team with updating a drafted logo and brand book creation.

Our goal was to speak towards their target audience of affluent Millennial Moms by creating a visual system that empowered consumers to live a healthy, active, and environmentally-conscious lifestyle. We modified their wordmark to match the softness and curves of the logo and achieved a new brand design by utilizing petal graphics that convey growth, connection, and movement.

We delivered an elegant, yet simple visual system in the form of a custom Logo and Brand Book. Additionally, Nessl is working with our team on a website to showcase these creative assets and their new baby carrier.

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