Milwaukee 2020 Marketing Collective Website


The Milwaukee 2020 Marketing Collective is a nonpartisan, LGBTQ and woman-owned one-stop-shop for any organization looking to make a splash during the 2020 Milwaukee Democratic National Convention (DNC). The Collective was formed in response to the anticipated influx of visitors and overall opportunity coming to our city for the DNC this summer. As LGBTQ and women-owned small businesses, we banded together to ensure minority voices are represented and help brands embrace Milwaukee this summer through our creative service offerings.

Brainchild Studios spearheaded the creation of the logo, branding, website design, development, copy, and creative promotions. This website was built using our Express Website theme. All branding and creative assets were inspired to support and complement those of the Democratic National Convention.

The website clearly outlines the goals, the parties involved, the audiences, the offerings, and showcases the city of Milwaukee.

We are so proud to have spearheaded this initiative and look forward to seeing the good work we do together as The Collective!

Standing up and standing out

Women and LGBTQ-owned creative collective helping Milwaukee businesses stand out during the DNC.

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