Website Redesign


AnitaB.orgis an incredible international organization supporting women in tech. When they asked us at the end of 2019 to help them strive for their goal of intersectional equity in tech, we were thrilled to be chosen to support this mission.

CHALLENGE: Redesign their 300+ page website so it more clearly told their story, simplified the navigation, and increased sponsor and partnership engagement.

STRATEGY: Perform a content audit, simplify navigation, streamline the experience, and create a unique, but similar experience to the new Grace Hopper Celebration website to create a unified user experience, while maintaining slight differences so the user knew which site they were navigating.


  • Streamlined and reorganized content to create a more effective user journey.
  • Redesigned to look and feel to represent the vibrancy of the nonprofit.
  • Simplified the navigation and utilized aggregate internal directional landing pages.
  • Focused on the impact by featuring individual stories.
  • Implemented Footer navigation bars to assist in a smoother user journey.
  • Brought newsletter sign-up to the forefront and included on most pages.
  • Utilized strong CTAs.


  • 97% decrease in Bounce Rate YOY
  • 83% increase in Pages/Session YOY
  • 79% increase in Homepage landing page traffic YOY
  • 20% increase in Pageviews YOY is an incredible organization and we are thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to work alongside them in launching both and Can't wait to see what happens next!

A vibrant redesign

For a global nonprofit supporting women in tech

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