STEMful: SEO Blog Launches Conversions

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STEMful is a San Francisco-based education studio born from Kim Nguyen-Ehrenreich’s thriving STEM-education business. The doors to this after-school and enrichment program opened March 17th, 2020 as a way to create a warm, inviting space that would support the community’s developing minds.

A counterpoint to traditional education models, Nguyen-Ehrenreich’s STEM programs facilitate holistic learning—from conflict management to critical thinking. In order to become the hub for San Francisco’s future, STEMful needed a website with a strategic content flow and an impactful blog to match its goals.   


CHALLENGE: Reorganize website content and provide copywriting services to yield a conversion-friendly and easy-to-navigate site. Launch a search engine optimized (SEO) blog to start conversations between STEMful and prospective program attendees and their families, speak to the benefits of STEM education, and drive up website engagement to ensure a pathway to program attendance.


STRATEGY: Reorganize website content, incorporating primary and secondary CTA’s, a streamlined appearance, and website navigation that parents, guardians, and children can appreciate. Create a blog with community impact, launching five evergreen blogs upfront, with 12 blogs, one launch per month, to follow. Each blog will include keyword definition, SEO headings, subheadings, and body copy, as well as a compelling call-to-action (CTA) closer to drive conversions.  


  1. Utilize an evidence-based approach to connect with STEMful’s desired audience. 
  2. Reorganize and streamline the website content. 
  3. Utilize a trained copywriter who understands the perspective of a parent seeking superior educational offerings for their children.
  4. Establish the client’s core goal—to serve as a trusted community resource for COVID-19 safety information and childhood development guidance—and follow a client-developed brand voice and tone to reach that goal. 
  5. Define blog topics with keywords that highlight the value and benefits of STEMful’s offerings in a real-world context. 
  6. Incorporate CTA’s at the completion of each blog utilizing optimized internal links.
  7. Build each blog with engagement-driving keyword density. 
  8. Use a combination of internal and external links, including client-vetted sources that support STEMful’s data-backed brand identity. 
  9. Provide copyediting services from a copywriter trained in research to ensure quality and consistency.



Less than four months after launch:

  • STEMful’s Programs pageviews increased by 68%, the Camps pageviews increased by 24%, the Afterschool Programs pageviews increased by 291%, and the Community Play pageviews increased by 382%.
  • Website conversions increased by 100% following the blog launch 
  • Organic search traffic increased by 106.7%


BCS is proud to partner with STEMful, a cutting-edge education venture, to shine a light on the value of STEM education and encourage creativity, a passion for lifelong learning, and growth and development in young learners. This website refresh and blog launch were a values match made in digital marketing heaven. 

100% increase in conversions

Through strategic execution of content and understanding the consumer

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