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Research & Strategy

O-Cedar provides high-quality household cleaning products with a strong focus on innovation. O-Cedar prides themselves on the research and technology used to develop their cleaning products. While this century-old company has proven the test of time, their first true investment in digital marketing came at the tail end of 2017 when they made the decision to work with us. We were tasked with crafting and executing a comprehensive content marketing strategy to increase awareness, traffic, engagement and sales for O-Cedar.

Additionally, we were tasked with taking their product-centric brand and transforming it into a lifestyle brand. To do this, we knew we needed to create volumes of content to position O-Cedar as a dedicated and trustworthy resource for Generation X and millennials. We launched a blog featuring lifestyle content, built out a robust video library, distributed regular email campaigns and pushed out content in a strategic fashion on social media.

CHALLENGE: Transform a product-centric century-old brand in the low-interest cleaning category into a lifestyle brand and increase awareness, traffic, engagement and sales.

STRATEGY: Create a holistic content marketing strategy inclusive of email, social media and video targeting 28-35 year-old females online and launch a blog and new website focused on lifestyle content as opposed to strictly product-focused content and optimize for conversion.


  • Analyzed target demographic
  • Launched a blog (April 2018)
  • Launched a microsite (April 2018)
  • Launched a new website (November 2018)
  • Setup A/B testing, optimized and published 58 emails
  • Published 67 blog posts
  • Published 96 original videos in 298 platform-friendly formats
  • Posted over 1,100 times on Facebook and Instagram platforms
  • Corrected and implemented all appropriate tracking measurements


In the two years we have worked together, we have seen the following lifts compared to the two years prior to working together:

  • Conversions increased 282%
  • New users increased 68%
  • Sessions increased 90%
  • Pageviews increased 57%
  • Social traffic increased 1,390%
  • Email traffic increased 3,187%
  • Instagram followers increased 500%
  • YouTube engagement increased 770%
  • YouTube subscribers increased 766%

In the first full year working together (2018), we helped O-Cedar attain its highest year of sales to date and accomplished the following YOY lifts:

  • Overall online and in-store sales increased by 7.9%
  • Market share for durable floor care increased 26%
  • Conversions increased 15%
  • Users increased 66%
  • 25-34 users increased 12%
  • New users increased 68%
  • Sessions increased 71%
  • Pageviews increased 40%
  • Average session duration increased 59%
  • Organic search traffic increased 9%
  • Social following increased 400%
  • YouTube engagement increased 368%
  • YouTube views increased 707%
  • YouTube subscribers increased 766%

In the second year of working together (2019), we helped amplify their online presence with the following YOY lifts:

  • Online conversions increased 267%
  • New visitors increased 114%
  • Sessions increased 139%
  • Pageviews increased 79%
  • Blog post views increased 46%
  • YouTube video views increased 63% (Average view rate of 54%)
  • Instagram followers increased 106%

We have been incredibly fortunate to work with such an amazing client and have been thrilled at the amazing results we’ve accomplished together! 2020 is looking promising as well!

282% increase in conversions

Through strategic execution of content and understanding the consumer

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