Doobert: Research & Conversion Optimization

Research & Strategy

Doobert is a volunteer animal rescue transport organization. Their goal is to safely transport rescue animals from their shelter or original location to their new home, which may be as far away as the other side of the country! They do this through an intricate series of volunteers flying or driving pets from one place to another. Doobert approached us to simplify their user experience to increase the usability of their interface to increase volunteer sign-ups.

We took a deep dive into understanding their customers’ issues and complaints with the platform simplified the user experience and delivered built out wireframes that Doobert’s team brought to life! We worked on this project hand-in-hand with Doobert for months and are thrilled to see the results!

CHALLENGE: Optimize the path to conversion (volunteer sign-ups) and create a more user-friendly interface.

STRATEGY: Focus on UX conversion optimization and simplifying the user journey.


  • Streamlined options for user
  • Simplified desktop and mobile experiences
  • Updated aesthetics to be more modern
  • Required less information to get people through the initial sign-up stage
  • Redesigned the UX of the website to be more user-friendly and optimized for conversions

Within the first 30 days of launching the new UX design, the following occurred:

  • Overall sign-ups increased 33%
  • Desktop sign-ups increased by 26%
  • Mobile sign-ups increased by 34%
  • Tablet sign-ups increased by 133%
  • Doobert App logins increased by 21%
  • Sign-ups from previous visitors increased by 26%
  • Google organic traffic increased by 14%
  • Abandonment rate decreased 5%

Not only were we successful in increasing sign-ups, but we also were able to increase usability, convert old visitors that hadn’t signed up previously and made the mobile experience much more friendly as well! We had a blast nerding out on this UX conversion optimization project and are happy we were able to help Doobert achieve their goals! We hope to continue working with Doobert on new digital initiatives and continuing to help their brand increase awareness, drive traffic and find rescue animals new homes!

Increased overall sign-ups by 33%

Through customer research and UX redesign

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