Moral Code: Customer Research

Research & Strategy

Moral Code is a luxury men's footwear company looking to expand their audiences, rejuvenate their brand, and launch strategic revenue streams. We worked with them in the Fall of 2019 to better understand their ideal customers. They're in a growth phase as a company and wanted to use this time to ensure they truly understood their ideal target audience so they could better align their marketing and offerings to meet their needs and wants.

CHALLENGE: To understand their ideal target audience's purchasing motivations, social-values, and expectations of footwear brands, to help inform their marketing strategies and brand mission, vision, values.

STRATEGY: Interview select individuals that met the established criteria for their ideal target audience, analyze their responses, and derive our insights.


  • Interviewed 6 ideal target audience members
  • Created and distributed a screener survey to over 50+ prospective participants
  • Recorded and analyzed video interviews
  • Derived insights and presented to the client
  • Utilized these collective insights to inform branding workshops
  • Crafted values, vision and mission statements informed by customer research
  • Crafted marketing messaging based on customer research


  • A new audience segment with great purchasing potential
  • Research-driven values, vision statement, and mission statement
  • Audience messaging and profiles for four target audience segments
  • Launch of a new product line (for new audience segment)
  • Adjusting targeting to align with new ideal target audience
  • Launching new marketing campaigns to align with new target audience focus

We loved doing this work with Moral Code and are excited to see how all these new pieces come together!


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