Artisan Biopharma: Express Website


Artisan BioPharma is a mission-driven, for-profit healthcare company with the express aim to provide much-needed pharmaceutical research support for children facing cancer diagnoses. Made up of scientists, parents of children who endured cancer treatment, and drug research experts, Artisan BioPharma is a subsidiary of the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI), and operates to expand the treatment options available for children diagnosed with rare cancers. 

Artisan BioPharma’s qualified staff embark on efforts to drive research forward, setting the stage for crucial clinical trials needed to bring effective childhood cancer treatments to the mainstream. The team behind Artisan BioPharma needed a website to match their ambitious and lifesaving goals.  

Challenge: With such an important mission, Artisan BioPharma didn’t have time to mess around with a lengthy website development process; the team needed a customizable, easily-accessible, and quick to launch website that appealed to their target audience. User experience needed to be a priority this time around, and ultimately guide website visitors through commonsense and brand building navigation. Artisan BioPharma needed refined SEO and to be easy to find for partners and families in order to quickly get into the minds and hearts of parties willing to partner with the company to make their mission a reality. 

StrategyBCS planned to utilize their Express Website Theme, customized to suit Artisan BioPharma’s unique needs. In addition, BCS would incorporate new branding throughout the build to create a customized and fully built brand experience for website visitors. In conjunction with branded elements, website navigation needed to follow priority order to help Artisan BioPharma connect with their audience and incorporate CTAs that start conversations.  



  1. Build the site using our Express Website Theme to create the website quickly and efficiently. 
  2. Integrate refined branding to fully customize the website aesthetics. 
  3. Streamline navigation for the target audience. 
  4. Implement SEO best practices to secure Google ranking. 
  5. Ensure every CTA compelled action. 



With a brand new website, cohesive branding, and reorganized website content, Artisan BioPharma can trust BCS took care of marketing so their team can get back to taking care of children in need of safe, effective cancer treatment.

With such an important mission

user experience needed to be a priority.

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