RAYNE IX: Logo & Branding

Logo & Branding

RAYNE IX (RIX), was founded by Kiley Peters who swears by the life-changing impact of “Yes, And" and the power of coaching. As the Founder, Executive Coach, and Small Business Consultant of RAYNE IX, Kiley challenged her team at Brainchild Studios with creating a logo, brand book, and supporting branded graphics for her new executive coaching and consulting practice.

Our goal when strategizing to create RAYNE IX’s logo was to ensure the audience felt:

  • Confident in their decision to work with RIX
  • Excited about life (personally and professionally)
  • Supported with their life and business goals  
  • Curious about what might lay ahead

We also took into consideration the goals and visions for the future of the company by adding in elements that displayed growth and timelessness. And, as a nod to the alignment with her personal brand and personal preferences, we integrated the primary color palette of dark grey, white, and gold. 

With this top of mind, we delivered a sophisticated, yet sassy, logo, brand book, and supporting branded graphics. These have all been executed via an Express Website design, social media pages, an online course, Google Slide decks, edited brand photos, and other printed materials to showcase this strong and empowering brand across multiple platforms.




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