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Brainchild Studios® is an international award-winning audience research and content strategy partner for equity-centered brands building smarter businesses. We’re nerds about research and love taking the time to understand a company's audience in order to effectively craft their marketing strategy.


Challenge: Find a unique way to provide value to our target audience in a way that also showcases our thought leadership capabilities.


Strategy: Conduct audience research on our target audience’s target audience: Millennial Moms. We conducted original qualitative and quantitative research to better understand our target audience’s audience to provide value for them and spark the conversation of building a relationship together. 



  • Conduct qualitative one-on-one interviews with seven Millennial Moms, derive insights and patterns and then test them at a larger scale.
  • Create and distribute a survey to over 400 Millennial Moms to gather statistically significant data inquiring about their purchasing, education, healthcare, and financial decision-making behaviors along with their content and marketing preferences in relation to brands.
  • Analyze the survey to derive insights that will improve ROI for companies targeting Millennial Moms through data-backed strategy and actionable insights.
  • Develop a multi-platform content creation campaign rooted in supporting the Annual Report with supporting content assets such as blog posts, eBooks, infographics, social graphics, webinars, and email campaigns. 



Over the three years, we’ve run this campaign, we have:

  • Increased lead generation by 29%
  • Increase net new revenue by 32% 
  • Increased email list by 40%
  • Drove over 4k landing page visits, doubling organic traffic YOY
  • Increased organic website traffic by 225% YOY
  • Developed year-over-year data about the ins and outs of Millennial Mom brand interactions, giving us the ability to track trends over time.
  • Gathered thousands of data points directly applicable to Millennial Mom marketing strategy and execution.
  • Found that our research was consistent with other primary demographic research and paints a clear and accurate picture of Millennial Moms.
  • Provided easily digestible content in the form of annual reports, ebooks, infographics, and social media posts available for free to marketers in the service of building valuable relationships with Millennial Moms.

2020 Millennial Mom Annual Report
2021 Millennial Mom Annual Report

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