Melissa Daimler: Logo & Branding

Logo & Branding

Melissa Daimler provides executive coaching to help teams work together more effectively and build scale-proof organizational processes.

In search of a rebrand, Melissa came to Brainchild Studios for a more personalized logo and brand that she could use for her individual endeavors. To get the project started, we met with Melissa and discussed her goals, mission, and vision so we could provide strategic recommendations for an updated logo and brand visual system. Our goal was to develop a scalable look and feel for her digital marketing initiatives.

To balance professionalism with her lighthearted, comedic, and authentic personality, we curated a modern logo with a unique logomark to match. The logomark “m” arcs represent the brand themes of reconnection and alignment, while the use of the different patterns speak towards not only her personality but also the differentiating personalities of the company cultures Melissa Daimler supports.

The final result was an inviting logomark “m” paired with a modified “m” wordmark to match. The flexible designed logo system and brand guidelines have the potential to be integrated with a variety of marketing assets while remaining customizable based on the audience and need.




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